Writing Inspiration

Practice makes perfect as they say!  Since I am generally too sleep deprived to come up with anything inspirational we use the daily writing tips which you can sign up for at the Bravewriter site.  Each day Julie sends a daily writing tip which is not too onerous or lengthy. I continue to be surprised by the things my children really enjoy doing and are inspired by and it serves as a reminder to myself to keep offering all that I can to them as things I may discount often appear to be the very things that they connect with!  

For example yesterdays task was to pick a letter of the alphabet and in a timed segment write as many words as possible beginning with that letter.  I wrongly imagined that getting mine to do this would be akin to pulling teeth but I thought I’d offer it anyway.  Mermaid insisted that we needed to pick a letter from a hat and tore up some slips of paper and wrote the alphabet on them, we then duly picked out a letter and wrote out words until our minute was up.  All three really got into it – I’m still a little surprised now- reading out their lists and offering each other additional words.  I bowed out after three goes but they continued for another three – go figure!

Today’s task was to critique each others writing after a three minute free write on a topic of your choice. I was impressed not just by the quality of their writing but also how they critiqued each others writing in a constructive manner.  Superhero critiqued mine and suggested some great alternative vocabulary I could have used.  Mermaid didn’t write anything down but gave a really great verbal story opener and that’s fine.  I am delighted that they are really enjoying these tasks and the simple tip seems to be inspiring them to do more and more writing.  Both Superhero and Fairy wanted to continue on with their stories and that three minutes stretched into much longer.

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