Shadows, Armlets, Custard Tarts….

Such is the logic of our home educating adventure!  Exploring shadows via an idea at Art projects for kids, creating Egyptian Armlets via an idea at Time traveller kids.  So where do custard tarts fit in?  We watched an episode of All over the place which featured a bakery in France that created custard tarts!  Hence my guys want to create some, we have managed to find a gluten free recipe so will let you know how that goes.  

I also pictured a couple of books Bean loves at the moment and that tie in rather nicely with his bathroom classified cards.  We are also introducing him to a Nursery rhyme a week and the BBC has a comprehensive list which serves as a useful reminder for all those forgotten ones.  Our rhyme this week??  Five little ducks of course!  

The randomness doesn’t end there, nope this morning saw us having a full on family disco at 7am when Daddy returned from his night shift and this afternoon we sat watching the snow fall whilst snuggled up indoors…


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