Baby Play – 14 months

Bean has been exploring some new items on his shelves this week.  He has a caterpillar and pop up toy, he is very drawn to the pop up toy and loves to take them out and put them back in and they have to be put in with the white face up – cute to see how particular he is about this.  

He has an imbucare box which at the moment he uses just the circle to put the cuboid in and out of so probably one to put away for a while.  There is a number puzzle and rainbow sound blocks – he enjoys both shaking these and putting them in and out of the container.  

Finally since he is so drawn to opening and closing things I made him a basket with three open/close containers.  There is a screw top bottle – not pictured, a flip top container and a chest.  He soon mastered all three so I added some bathroom vocabulary pictures to the chest and some wooden sticks to post in the flip top container.

A note about vocabulary cards – I would have always been a bit wary of flash card type cards as it conjures images of children being drilled with them.  However Bean wants to know names for everything at the moment, so all objects, books etc get pointed to and we have to name for him.  Thus I thought it an appropriate time for the pictures, he is always in control with them and brings them to me to name or sometimes he just likes to look through them by himself.  As is the way with a Montessori approach it is all child led.  This is also an extension of finding and naming the real objects in our bathroom which he loves to do at bathtime – especially unravelling toilet roll and flushing the toilet!

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