Happy New Year!

I love the start of a New Year not least because I can indulge my stationary fettish with new calendars and diaries!  I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy festive season.  We had a wonderful time punctuated with some jolly early starts, one too many tubs of Cadburys Heros and of course the obligatory festive mishaps which this year consisted of an exploding iron, a New Years Eve power cut and a leaky roof which culminated in a rather cute cascading waterfall feature in our bedroom.  Still everyone here remained happy and healthy so they were really of no consequence and all have been solved.  Yep this Mama only managed to avoid the ironing for a few days!  

 We decided to spend the first day of the year at the beach, although Bean has been a couple of times we thought he would love his first experience at the beach mobile.  However this hardcore party boy who saw in the New Year with us sang all the way there in the car only to fall asleep whilst we purchased the car park ticket and then failed to wake for four hours, when he did we were five minutes from home!

This week Schoolfriends have returned to their routine whilst our School of Life continues as ever albeit with a few less people in the house. We have visited the library to restock with books. One of the books was about our digestive system which tied in quite well with an episode of ‘Operation Ouch’ that we watched and prompted sweet corn digestion experiments – don’t ask…..  We also tried out a new programme on CBBC called ‘All Over The Place,’ the one we watched was about Europe, we all enjoyed it – think Horrible Histories format with a geographical theme!  

I created the nut activity pictured above since we discovered a gap in our knowledge and were unable to tell our almonds from our Brazil nuts!  This is based on Montessori three part cards and this approach really appeals to my children but especially Mermaid.  I also created the ocean life three part cards which led us to researching Killer Whales in more detail and Mermaid googled some Killer whale videos, this was prompted via our reading of Nim’s Island.  Mermaid is exploring addition at the moment so -in addition to the books of sums she is demanding – really! we dug out shut the box and prickly hedgehogs to play.  Today has consisted of practical maths in the form of buying wellies, the biggies were tasked with finding a new pair that fits and comes in under budget, then off to Multisports for some bench ball, badminton, table tennis and football.  

Please visit my Montessori Free Printables page for the links to any of the resources mentioned.

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