Seasons Greetings!

We are getting very excited about Christmas and New Year here.  We love Christmas for the time together, hubby works long hours and time all together is precious.  We are keeping it simple and low key this year and decided for our sanity we would avoid all the long distance travelling and visiting rounds that we usually do.  Christmas for us will be pyjama days, hot chocolate, family movies, an afternoon stroll, board games, playing, giggling, big dinners and a couple of cheeky chocolates!  

In the spirit of ‘keeping it real’ it will likely involve an early start of 3 am ish, a lot of mess, a few frantic dashes to ensure things are baby proofed, and maybe a smidgen of daddy stress if he has more than a couple of sets of Lego or playmobil to help with before 5am!  

I love this time of year, being able to look back and reflect.  This year has seen us stay close to home as we adjust to having a new baby and remember all that having a baby entails.  It has been a time for healing both physically and emotionally from my childbirth experience.  A time to really appreciate my husband who was an amazing support throughout my labour, section and recovery.  My amazing three biggies who adapted, supported, cuddled and helped me and continue to do so.  My family who help endlessly with meals, lifts and a million other acts of kindness.  I am very blessed!  

It looks as though it may be the last year I have all my children at home being educated which is both a little sad but also really exciting as we prepare to watch our firstborn venturing out to begin some new adventures.  Next year we are also looking forward to delving deeper into Montessori, beginning the journey to financial freedom, might be a long one that one! Some travel to warmer climes and maybe just maybe a little more sleep……..

 I look forward to blogging more, thank you to all my followers, ‘likers,’ commentors and lurkers – I know you are out there lol!  It’s been great connecting with many of you and from all of us here we wish you a peaceful, joyful festive period and a happy, healthy New Year! Xx

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