Advent Activity


We have a cute fabric Advent Calendar and instead of using chocolate we decided to pop in an activity for each day.  

1st – Create a homemade Christmas card for a family member.

2nd – Read the Nativity Story 

3rd – Watch a Christmas movie (The Polar Express)

4th – Write a letter to Santa

5th – Choose a Christmas decoration from shop and put up Christmas tree and decorate.

6th – Send our letter to Santa up the chimney with a sprinkle of fairy dust.  Watch out for Elvis Evergreen the elf to arrive.

7th – Make paper chains.

8th – Write a Christmas poem.

9th – Watch a Christmas movie (The Muppets Christmas Carol)

10th – Story of St Nicholas

11th – Make fudge and giftwrap

12th – Christmas disco

13th  – Write a Christmas story

14th – Find some Christmas jokes

15th – Listen to and sing some carols.

16th – Watch a Christmas movie (Santa Claus The Movie)

17th – Make and decorate gingerbread men, enjoy with hot chocolate.

18th – Act out the Nativity Story 

19th – Christmas crafts – pomanders

20th – Drive/ walk around village and look at Christmas lights.

21st – Watch a Christmas movie (Arthur Christmas)

22nd – Make fudge and giftwrap.

23rd – Bake cookies for Santa.

24th – Read Santa’s Beard.  Track Santa.


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