Baby Play – Christmas

I created a few Christmas themed activities for Baby Bean this week.  Firstly inspired by A little Learning For Two I created some Scents of Christmas cards.  I used peppermint, pine needles, spice, vanilla and ginger.  Baby Bean returns to these often to have a smell – and a lick!  Next a bowl of bells to transfer into a stocking, anything noisy is always a winner here.  Not much transferring but lots of jingling!  He has picked up the vocabulary for these and will go and collect his ‘ jingle bells’ when asked – cute!  My biggies created some pipe cleaner candy canes and we poked them in a colander for Bean to pull out and transfer to a basket.  I love that he is particular about them going in the provided basket and if any miss he goes back to put them in.  Finally my biggies created a postbox for Bean to post some Christmas cards into.

You know you are getting obsessed with Montessori when….

You scour the supermarket kitchen utensil/gadget aisle for interesting scoops, strawberry slicers and crinkle cutters for  practical life activities.

You are excited about Christmas cracker tat that can be used as miniature objects for language activities.

…..I’ll get my coat……

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