Coming full circle….

Five years ago my firstborn ‘Fairy’ was miserable, she loathed School with a passion.  We had watched her change from a smiley, sunny little girl into a withdrawn, miserable one.  It was heartbreaking.  We agonised, as many parents do, over whether withdrawing her from School was the right thing to do?  Could we give her what she needed?  Would she get enough interaction from others?  Could we afford to take her out of School?  What exactly were we going to do at home?  

During that time we read as much as we could about home educating, we joined local home education groups and pretty much stalked all the local home educators (sorry!) plaguing them with question after question.  We went along nervously to our first meet up, I am not entirely sure what we were expecting but we were relieved to discover regular ‘normal’ families with happy, busy children.  

So we took the plunge and de-registered Fairy from School.  We then went on an amazing adventure full of fun and discovery as we spent our days together.  It was a total blast.  Then Fairy came to me one day recently with the words……..

‘I think I am ready to go back…’

Noooooooo.  I won’t lie my heart dipped a little at those words.  However it became clear that Fairy had a plan.  She had grown in confidence and was ready to step out into the world and take on some adventures of her own.  Fairy wants to be a Veterinary Nurse and by joining the 14/16 programme is able to study at our local College beginning with a Level 1 in Animal Care.  Fairy applied, got invited for interview and gained an unconditional place.  The lady interviewing told us after how impressed she was with Fairy’s maturity and organisation and that she had given the best interview that the lady had ever conducted.

We are super proud of Fairy.  I know come September as we wave her off on her first day I will have a tear in my eye again, we will miss her terribly but this time I will be secure in the knowledge that this time round it is Fairy’s choice, she wants to do this and is ready for it! 

6 thoughts on “Coming full circle….

  1. As a home educating family still in the primary school stages, it’s such a huge relief to read stories like this!
    Fairy sounds so mature and sure if herself, able to make decisions about what she wants to learn and how she wants to learn it. I hope she enjoys the course.


  2. Ahh thank you for your comment, much appreciated. She has indeed come a long way since leaving School, I am so pleased that we gathered the courage to take, what seemed at the time, such a huge decision. It was definitely worth it! X


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