Baby Play – 12 months

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Its been a while since I have posted about Baby Beans activities.  Having had a birthday recently Bean has some new items he has been enjoying.  He has a Melissa & Doug Shape Peg Puzzle,  he loves peg puzzles well namely removing all the pieces although I have noticed in the past week he has been attempting to put them back!  He has a fine motor bead moving activity, he completely ignored this for a week and I was about to remove it for a while when he began taking it off the shelf and exploring it.  He has a new wooden stacking toy and finally his absolute favourite the walker!  I would totally recommend this walker by the way, it is a solid wooden one that he has been able to safely pull himself up on and there are rubber strips around each wheel to prevent the walker going too fast.  Most of his days at the moment are spent haring up and down with the walker and he has developed a few strategies in case there is no willing volunteer to turn the walker around at each end.  He has perfected the backwards walk and also pushes the walker along whilst on his knees both of which enable him to keep doing his laps!  All the practice has meant he has taken several steps now on his own and has managed to stand up without pulling himself up on anything.  I imagine it won’t be long before the walker is redundant!

Edited to add Baby Bean is now officially walking but the walker is not redundant as he is practising speed with it!

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