Sleep Deprivation….. Coffee anyone?

We searched everywhere for the cheese, I knew we had some.  I had opened a new pack and used a little for a homemade pizza.  We just couldn’t find it anywhere……36 hours later and hubby discovered the elusive cheese in the measuring jug cupboard. Yep sleep deprivation is starting to tell on me now.  To be fair my brain was semi-working since it’s also where the cheese graters live!!

This is another first for me, both girls have always slept well.  Superhero was colicky and screamy for the first four months but then he settled.  So one year on and my little Baby Bean is still pretty difficult at night.  Well actually he sleeps really well however in order to facilitate his fabulous sleep I do not get such at great night.

It starts with him falling asleep being fed, 80% of the time I can transfer him and I then have a small window of opportunity of anywhere from 20 minutes up to a maximum of 1.5 hours to do everything that needs doing, i.e loo trip, lock doors, pjs on and a selection of snacks and drinks taken upstairs for the long night ahead.  He still wakes regularly for feeds and only really sleeps well when spread across our king size bed – how do they take up such a lot of space when they are so little?? So I generally retire to my bedroom shortly after he nods off especially since he will not, no way, ever go in his cot however if we take the side down and use as a co sleeper cot against our bed I can sometimes shuffle him over the threshold, or alternatively I can get in there myself!!

Then without fail he is wide awake and ready to play at 3 am.  I guess I should have known the signs were evident here.  There is no escaping it since he starts crawling around and poking his finger up my nose until I give in and downstairs we go.  He enjoys a good play and it’s his regular time for a ‘number two’and then we can normally sneak another hour in bed at about 5 am.

My must haves:

  1. Double Chocca mocha for that hit of caffeine/chocolate

  2. Baby Mozart CD – no good for baby but rather relaxing for Mama.

  3. Lots of tea – I wish I drank coffee but alas I am considering ditching the caffeine free teabags tough times and all that!

  4. Tiny Pop through the night – bonus for those 3 am starts.

I am going to tackle this soon, it hasn’t felt right to do so yet however I think we are nearly at that stage.  I am currently reviewing again the sleep information from Hand in Hand Parenting, well attempting to I just keep nodding off watching the videos. I shall let you know how it goes.  In the meantime if you are coping with sleep deprivation I raise my cup of Double Chocca Mocha to you, I understand!

P.S I am giving away a copy of The Power by Rhonda Byrne, if you are interested please ‘like’ this post and leave me a comment!

5 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation….. Coffee anyone?

  1. I don’t know how you cope with that lack of sleep! Both mine were in their own cots from about 9/10 weeks old onwards. We did bottle feed though so they stopped wanting a 3/4am feed fairly soon which helped but even on those nights where they woke for nappy changes or other things I was like a walking zombie in the morning. My youngest (2 1/2) pretty much sleeps through now aside from the odd crying out but sometimes wakes at 5-5:30am which I still find hard work: can’t wait for the day when she joins her sister in a 7pm-7am sleep! Much respect to you for even functioning every day. 🙂

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