Parenting Baby Number 4!

One may be forgiven for assuming that by the time one gets to baby number 4 one has been there, seen it and bought the t-shirt……

Honestly my first three were all fairly similar but baby number 4 has broken the mold, so clearly Baby Bean has arrived to teach me not to rest on my laurels or assume anything!  In many ways parenting Baby Bean has been like starting over from the beginning since he has provided so many ‘first’ experiences.  Here is a bunch of new experiences that have arisen from my gorgeous bubba number 4…..

1) My third planned home birth but first home birth that didn’t work out!

2) My first time of labouring through the night.

3) My first ambulance trip whilst contracting – not fun.

4) My first experience of begging for pain relief in any form – never underestimate how tiredness can affect your pain threshold!

5) My first Ceasarian Section.

6) My first blonde haired baby.

7) My first baby that will not go in his own cot……ever!

8) My first baby that really doesn’t sleep much day or night……yawn…..

9) My first baby that rarely sleeps for longer than 2 hours at a go.

10) My first baby that doesn’t give me a backward glance at crazy, noisy children’s parties.

11) My first baby that loves fireworks.

12) My first baby that has caused us to leave a restaurant really, really quickly – our sincere apologies to the gentleman that got pelted with baby’s dinner yesterday!  Yep he picked up the whole lot and threw over his shoulder into the head of the poor unsuspecting man…..

There is never a dull moment with this crazy, totally adorable baby number 4!

3 thoughts on “Parenting Baby Number 4!

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