Gluten free Halloween Cookies


Fairy is the gluten free baker in our house and these are a batch of cookies she created this week.  It was a slight cheat since we used the Oaty Cookie Mix packet from Delicious Alchemy.  Mainly because they are currently in the sale for 99p each and along with free delivery code GFCENTRE15 they were pretty good value for gluten free items!  We purchased three packets, the first batch pictured above were orange flavoured, Fairy then went on to create some chocolate chip flavoured cookies,  both lots were divine!

By the way we are not in cahoots with this company, just sharing info, a gluten free diet is not the cheapest or easiest so we are always appreciative of any bargains to be had and are happy to pass them on!

To make the orange flavoured cookies, Fairy melted 75g unsalted butter with 30ml of water in a pan.  She poured the cookie mix in a bowl, and added the melted butter and water and mixed.  Then she added two drops of orange flavouring along with the zest of an orange.  Then take some of the mixture, roll in to a ball, the. Flatten onto a lined baking tray.  Bake at 180 degree Celsius for about 15 minutes.  Enjoy!

You can read about our journey with Coeliac disease here and find a recipe for gluten free chicken nuggets here.

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