Late night A&E dash….

Well things have been a little quiet of late on here.  The reason being that we took a scheduled family break which was fab but on return Baby Bean was unwell, we visited the GP twice and it all culminated during the second week with a late night dash to A&E.  Poor Bean was crying inconsolably all night and running a fever and he just couldn’t seem to shake the illness off.  We threw a few things into a bag, dropped the biggies at Nannys and headed for the hospital.  Bean was admitted to the pediatric ward.  Walking into that ward was heartbreaking so many children of all ages looking poorly and hooked up to drips etc.  The staff were brilliant and after about six hours Baby Bean began to perk up.  Thankfully about 10 hours after being admitted Baby Bean was well enough to go home – such a relief!

It did make me think about all the parents who have children in hospital, how stressful and worrying it is and aside from that there are the practical issues.  At our hospital it was purchasing parking tickets and watching the clock to ensure we purchased another ticket when necessary and ensuring we both ate and drank sufficiently.

I think an emergency bag perhaps in the car may be a good idea with some car park change and money to purchase refreshments.  Clothes for little ones and perhaps some mini toiletries.  It’s really not something I have thought about before since it was our first late night hospital dash!

After this experience I thought I may like to contribute a small donation to support parents with children in hospital.  I did a , really quick, web search for appropriate charities but couldn’t find any, does anybody know of any?

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