Spanish Resources – Family Language learning!

This is certainly one area of education where my children and I are learning together!  Traditionally children in the UK learn French at School with the options to add or swap in Spanish and German.  Since our family travels usually take us to Spanish speaking parts of the world we decided this would be the most useful language for us to pursue.  Unfortunately hubby and I only took French at School so we were complete novices.  

I did look into the option of bringing in a tutor for us all but was unable to find one that fit our budget.

At the moment we are working our way through the Salsa videos and I honestly can’t praise these enough.  They are completely Spanish speaking children’s programs of up to half hour that start with the basics and build vocabulary slowly through the video series.  They offer a transcript and additional activities should you require.  We usually watch one video a week whilst having lunch and we are all slowly building our language skills.  

Since we are near the end I am beginning to have a hunt around for something to move on to.  We have discovered Speekee that offers a 40 week curriculum at about £4.90 per month. Once you sign up the first two weeks are free and you can cancel at any time.  Has anyone tried it out, I would love to hear if you have or if you can recommend any other programs?

In addition we have this and book 1 they loved the CD but pretty much ignored the book.  Although Fairy has started to become interested in the spellings of words so she has begun referring to the book.  We have this game which is a fun extra.  We are considering this and would love to hear if anyone else has tried it.

The best part of course are the field trips, aka our family holiday, where the children get to experience first hand the sights, culture and Spanish language.  

Are you learning a language at home, do you have any resource recommendations?

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