Baby Play

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Added to the shelf this week for Baby Bean was play dough, a small selection of animals, a ‘red’ tray and a very ‘un’ Montessori Mr potato head!

 This was Bubbas first experience of play dough, we played with it still slightly warm just to add to the sensory experience.  Usually I colour my dough however we were fresh out of food colouring so we left it plain this time round.  You can find out how I make my Playdough here, it is so easy to make and so much nicer to use than the shop stuff!  He only tried to eat it once too which was a bonus!

Mermaid has been playing with the animals this week which has piqued Beans interest so we selected the snake, elephant and lion for him to explore.

Baby Bean is my first baby that we have been really selective with regarding toys and he doesn’t have access to everything all the time.  I have to say it is very refreshing, he explores everything on his shelves throughout the day and will ‘work’ with something for a sustained period of time (for a baby!). With my biggies I can well remember the devastation at the end of the day as they emptied everything onto the floor – it was a huge mishmash of plastic, brightly coloured talking, singing stuff! I totally love that tidying up is so easy this time round!

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