Baby Play

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This week I added to Baby Beans shelf a ‘green’ treasure basket, a Melissa and Doug latch board and a tambourine.  I have left out some favourites from last week such as the open and close basket, the scarf pulling activity and the shakers.  I have started to show Bean how to stack the blocks but he is still in the knocking it down stage!  He loves fiddling with the latches board and can do the top middle one already.  All the instruments are a big hit!

We played some games of hide and seek with Sophie the Giraffe which he is good at.  He loves to play hide and seek upstairs with the biggies.  They will hide in a room and call him, he gets totally excited and giggly when he finds them – so cute!

We also did the warm, cold activity,  I filled a dish with some warm water and put ice cubes in the other, then I touched each and said either ‘warm’ or ‘cold’.  Then let him loose giving him the appropriate word as he touched each dish.  He loved handling the ice and chewed on one whilst dropping the other in the warm water!


Finally not for the faint hearted I gave him a saucepan with a metal, plastic and wooden spoon.  I knocked each one against the pan to demonstrate then he spent a very long time making a lot of noise!!

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