Baby play

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Here is some of Baby Beans activities from last week.  I added to his shelves

  1. Weight cylinders – the colour coded dots are the control of error – obviously Bean is to small for matching these by weight but I thought he may enjoy exploring them.

  2. A couple of shakers.

  3. A basket of open/close items.

  4. A snack pot that I stuffed with a long red piece of material for him to pull out.

  5. A ‘blue’ themed treasure basket.

  6. Gloop – a mixture of water and cornflour which makes a strange solid/liquid mix up.

His favourite was the shakers, he loves making noise!  He also really enjoyed the open/close basket.  In there is a small box that he was fascinated with.  I showed him how to open and close it and he has spent ages this week opening and closing it.  I was amazed at how quickly he worked out how to rotate the box in order to get it open.  The gloop was very much enjoyed, if rather short lived, if the weather had been better we would have enjoyed this outside and saved the clear up! 

We have also enjoyed listening to some whale sounds and a Baby Mozart CD.

Books are another favourite for Baby Bean, this week we enjoyed: Thats not my owl, Spots touch and feel playbook and Springtime Baby all courtesy of the library.

Baby Bean has added ‘mm’ to his repertoire of sounds this week and has made some ‘Mama’ sounding sounds yay!

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