Let’s talk about sex………


Ok I will be honest this was one part of home educating that I wasn’t looking forward to, I just wasn’t really sure what way to go about it.  I started preparing early and hunting for appropriate resources.  Another home ed mum recommended the following books to me by Babette Cole.

Hair in funny places

Mummy laid an egg

I then went on and ordered Dr Christians Guide To Growing Up.

Both books by Babette Cole are brilliant, they offer a gentle guide to puberty, growing up and the all important ‘how did the baby get in your tummy’ questions!  The illustrations are fantastic and I will confess that when I first read them I had a very childish fit of giggles as did my mum!  The Dr Christian book is aimed at children but pretty much covers all the embarrassing questions that children are probably curious about but never want to ask!

Fairy is clued up, aware of the facts and has the Dr Christian book squirrelled away in her bedroom somewhere.  I decided with Superhero and Mermaid to let it play out organically and deal with it when it arose.  Funnily enough they never did ask how Baby Bean got in my tummy!  However a couple of weeks ago Mermaid wanted to know what sex was.  I asked her what she thought it was and she was pretty spot on, we grabbed the moment and retrieved the books and went through them together.  She asked a couple of questions and then that was that.  Phew no awkward moments – sex education tick!  

P.S aargh I give up on the links, not sure if it’s my iPad, sorry!

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