Gross Motor Skills Day 1 – Pillow Mountain


Baby Bean is all about gross motor practice at the moment.  Gross motor skills are important for major body movement such as sitting up, crawling, walking, maintaining balance, co-ordination, reaching, lifting, running, jumping, dancing and throwing a ball.  Beyond a quick dash to his hair care basket and a quick brush he doesn’t sit still at all.  This has prompted me to have a think about things we can do to facilitate this interest and blossoming skill.  So this week I shall share one small gross motor skill per day.  Today is pillow mountain, we made a line of pillows doubled up for Bean to crawl over.  At first he went to fast and fell flat on his face on descent but he quickly worked out to go a bit steadier on the down slope.  He was so focused and went round and round his circuit non stop for ages.

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