An old fashioned summer break….

£1500 was the sum given on the radio for the average amount parents spend entertaining their children during the summer holidays and that didn’t include the cost of going away on holiday.  Gosh, I mean really???  But then by chance I overheard some mums discussing plans for their week ahead and there were scheduled activities daily, swimming, indoor play barn, roller skating and I could see the pounds stacking up.

I feel so grateful to be living in the little rural village that we do so that my biggies can experience a ‘vintage’ summer holiday experience.  The type of experience similar to my own growing up, that of freedom and the chance to explore my own village with friends and to play outside all day long.  My guys have climbed trees and built dens and gone on an ‘adventure trek’ they called it.  They have baked cookies with friends and played in paddling pools, there have been numerous football matches, bike rides and games of tag.  Many dances have been choreographed and cartwheels and handstands practiced.

It got me thinking about other vintage style activities, how about a game of hopscotch, skipping ropes, a picnic, bug hunting, a lemonade stand?

My guys are having a ball this summer and it hasn’t cost us anything extra, the only problem……..I miss them!!!!

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