Practical Life – Hair brushing


Baby Bean wasn’t born with much hair and in fact he still doesn’t have a lot, so of course it runs true that he would be obsessed with hair brushing.  It must have something to do with having two older sisters with long hair!  He will pick up anything to brush his hair with, puzzle pieces, balls, spaghetti, strawberries you name it and he has brushed his hair with it!  So I thought I would prepare him a hair care basket, it has a small wooden handheld mirror, soft baby brush and baby comb.

I demonstrated how to hold the mirror and brush hair at the same time, then let him loose!  I keep the basket down on his shelf in the lounge and we do his hair each evening after a bath, but he is also free to tend to his blonde tufts at his leisure! Please note his shelf activities are always under adult supervision.

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