Are we on a break???

Along with the often asked ‘socialisation’ question is the ‘do you carry on working during the holidays?’ question.  Hmmm I find this one difficult to answer. I mean we kind of do and we kind of don’t.  I guess the question sort of assumes that if children are not being taught then they are not learning.  Of course this isn’t true.  Certainly I don’t offer the same kinds of activities in the same sort of way and I don’t make any formal records as I do during ‘term time’. But ‘despite’ that the children carry on learning new things and acquiring new skills nonetheless. I suppose we have a routine change but life and learning continues as ever.

For example the biggies all read regularly, we listen to audiobooks during our car travels and this always prompts discussion, ideas and research.  Time features heavily as the children play with friends and visit the park returning at regular intervals to check in.  We are saving for a family holiday and everyone is involved so with the big tidy and de-clutter on the go the children are selling items and putting a percentage of their choosing towards the holiday.  Of course then are the decisions on what to do with any remaining money, google searches, budgeting and saving plans.  Then we have two August birthdays – yep a teacher who didn’t plan well, luckily it’s a non issue with home educating!! – these have prompted birthday lists, menu plans, homemade invitations, party games research.  This is just a snapshot of what is going on as we wile the long summer away……

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