Baby shelves

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I haven’t written one of these posts recently.  This week Bean has a stacking toy, threading toy and a ribbon toy on his shelves.  Please note these are only used with parental supervision and are not freely available at all times.  He enjoys playing a sort of tug of war game with the ribbons and becomes the ‘strongest baby in the world!’  I have just placed it inside the pictured box with the ribbons hanging out to see how he gets on with opening the lid to reveal the whole toy.  I plan to venture outside with this too to explore the ribbons in a breeze. There is a simple wooden stacking toy, Baby Bean is ace at ‘unstacking’ at the moment!  Finally the cutest wooden threading toy, obviously he is too young for threading skills at the moment but he has enjoyed exploring this with its holes.  This has lured every passing adult and child into handling it. 

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