Goodness nearly a month has passed so what have we been up to?  Well just when we thought we were over the worst and out the other side poor Baby Bean got chickenpox.  I guess it was inevitable really but we had hoped he would escape this time round.  Poor bubba was covered in spots, luckily we had all our supplies – see this post– to hand.  We added in Aloe Vera gel on the recommendation of a friend, we went for the purest most organic version we could find.

I noticed with all three of mine that with day 1 being the first day spots are discovered, all of them suffered the most illness wise on day 4 and 5, I am not sure if that is the general pattern?  

I remember Patty Wipfler of Hand in Hand Parenting describing how her son became really ill once and -as well as all the practical things we do as parents when our children were ill – she spent lots of time laying next to him whilst he slept, cuddling him and keeping close contact.  It really struck a chord for me as I would have tried to catch up with chores whilst they were sleeping but I can see the value in really being there during an illness.

So chickenpox x 3 then hubby off work for a week combined with a bubba who is somewhat nocturnal and thus a month has passed.

2 thoughts on “AWOL….

  1. we’ve just had chicken pox here too, biggest boy (4.5) had it first and was just a bit quiet and hot for a couple of days before and for the first day, two weeks (to the day!) later littlest got it. He was worse off with it, temperature and very itchy. Good that it’s over with now!

    Also I totally agree, being close to them is so important when they are most in need and the chores can wait 😉 x


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