Chickenpox x 2…..

Yep it’s been rather crazy-mad here as Superhero and Mermaid both developed chickenpox.  Add one little Bean into the mix, who isn’t spotty …..yet…., who wakes for the day at 3am, is crawling and keen to explore everything.  Cue one tired Mama who is relying heavily on caffeine, choccy biscuits and the fantastically helpful Fairy.

Our chickenpox must haves:

– Our greatest discovery was our jar of Organic Coconut Oil which we applied all over the body and face as and when.  Both found it soothed and calmed the itch.  At their worst Superhero slept most of the day but Mermaid found the itch unbearable.  We applied several applications to her skin and amazingly the next day her skin was considerably better than Superhero’s.  You can read more about The health benefits of Coconut oil here.

– Vitamin C, we use it as powdered sodium ascorbate which can be added to water or sprinkled over cereal.

– One of these steamy thingies to which we added Lavender and Tea tree oil and let it do it’s thing throughout the day.

– Freezy pops helped with sore spotty mouths.

– Homeopathic remedies, Rhus Tox gave almost immediate relief, we usually would consult with our family Homeopath but we managed this one ourselves.

– We had baths with either bicarbonate of soda or sea salt with Lavender and Tea tree essential oils.

Lots of Mama cuddles, films, magazines and baking when they felt up to it.

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