Our Journey Into Home Education – Part 3 – Things we discovered and love about Home educating!

Part 1 of our home educating adventure ‘The what was…’ can be found here.  Part 2 ‘The what is….’ can be found here.  Which brings us here to part 3 of this series, this post outlines many of the benefits we discovered during our journey.

1) We can travel when we like, avoid the manic crowds and pay a lot less!

2) We get to go on day trips with our children to top attractions and pay less if we go as a home educating group/during term time.  For example soft play centres are far more bearable and less costly during term time.

3) Our children play really well together and have far less arguments.

4) It is so rewarding and exciting to bear witness to each new accomplishment.

5) Our children are far more involved in the running and upkeep of the house and garden.  I love that my three biggies are all willing and able to run the washing machine, empty/reload and start the dishwasher, create lunch for everyone etc.

6) We can all have ‘downtime/brain processing time’ whenever it is needed.

7) The children catch far fewer colds, bugs and headlice!!

8) Christmas and birthdays have far less pressure attached since the children are oblivious to all the new ‘fads’ and ‘must haves’.  

9) We don’t have to spend a fortune on birthday parties for 30 children to attend and equally we don’t have to attend numerous parties.

10) It doesn’t matter if after school clubs finish late since the children are able to sleep in the next morning if need be.

11) The freedom of waking up and on a whim heading off to the nearest beach/park when the weather is good.

12) The freedom of waking up and on a whim heading out to build a snowman in fresh snow and then returning indoors to warm up with a hot chocolate.

13) The freedom of pyjama days just because!

14) No more school run parking battles and playground politics.

15) The ability to really roll with an interest.  For example Fairy is very keen on animals and their care and considering a future career as an RSPCA inspector/Veterinary Nurse.  Fairy is keeping an animal care portfolio and so far this year has completed an Animal Carer Experience day at an Animal Sanctuary, visited Crufts, attended dog training classes, entered dog shows, has ongoing riding lessons and is learning from a renowned dog breeder who is delighted to share her knowledge.  Most of these she would not have been able to do had she been at School.

16) Ultimately I am hugely grateful for the time I get to spend with my children, watching them grow and achieve and develop at their own rate.

17) New one added – the ability to relocate/move house without the worry of school catchment areas.

6 thoughts on “Our Journey Into Home Education – Part 3 – Things we discovered and love about Home educating!

  1. excellent, this is what we are finding too! things are so much fun ‘home edding’ we especially love the pyjama days and the fact that everywhere is so quiet during ‘term time’ 🙂 x


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