Object Permanence Box


This week Bean has been exploring the object permanence box.  We purchased the box with the drawer however at the moment we have taken out the drawer and use the box in a small tray to prevent the ball from rolling away.  Today was I think his fourth time working with this, to date he has thoroughly explored the ball and the box.  He already anticipates where the ball will reappear from and will pick it up and bang it on the box.  So far though he hasn’t managed to drop it in the hole.  He has lifted the box and dropped the ball in the ‘way out’ and also rolled the ball around in the tray.  I am not sure how acceptable this would be in the Montessori world but I am happy with Bean to think outside the box (!Sorry!) and explore things as he sees fit.

Piaget first studied object permanence in infants and concluded that it was one of the infants most important developmental achievements.

The object permanence box helps to develop hand eye coordination, fine motor control, experience with the concept of object permanence and a sense of achievement in using the box alone.

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