Treasure Basket – Shells and Pebbles


This week Baby Bean’s treasure basket contains shells and pebbles.  I washed them carefully first.  I love taking the time to observe Baby Bean with his basket, obviously with these kind of objects constant supervision is required anyway.  I’ve noticed he gets visibly excited when he sees his basket now.  Today he went for the shells first exploring them by hand and then mouthing them, I noticed he was transferring them from hand to hand today and he worked on various ways of hitting them together, with one in each hand to putting one down and hitting it with another.  He explored each one but went more repeatedly for the shells. He also enjoyed dropping them away from himself and then moving forward to collect them.  Amazing all the skills, experience and learning that can arise from a couple of pebbles and shells.

3 thoughts on “Treasure Basket – Shells and Pebbles

  1. Love it! I love the organization and simplicity of baskets – so helpful for children’s learning – and easy to clean up too! It’s so refreshing to give them activities were they can focus and take their time.


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