Baby Activities

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This week Baby Bean is exploring a treasure basket of wooden 3D shapes, the Montessori primary colour tablets and a dressing frame bear.  

He chose the treasure basket first and picked out the blue cylinder over and over again.  He briefly explored the other shapes but went back to the cylinder.  Of the other two activities he enjoyed the containers mostly although he enjoyed the zip on the bear.  I think I need to offer him a treasure basket of baskets as he loves them!

This week though he is definitely more interested in exploring moving, all he wants to do is practice his crawling position and pull up to a stand.  So in order to ‘follow the child’ today we cleared the floor and let him have lots of space to roll and move about and he practiced pulling up on the settee with some help.

am just working on some posts about our journey into home educating so keep an eye out.

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