Montessori Toys for Baby


I became really interested in Montessori methods around the time of baby number 3 and began reading and researching as much as I could.  I had already begun to get fed up with the sea of brightly coloured, noisy, plastic toys and was purging and decluttering on a regular basis.  I knew with Baby Bean I wanted to carefully select and monitor what he was interacting with and I didn’t want a houseful, again, of invasive, plastic ‘educational’ toys.  Our first foray into Montessori baby toys are pictured above and have been a huge success.

First the bell rattle, beautifully crafted and perfectly sized for little hands to grasp, shake and in Baby Beans case mouth upon!  It is shaped so it can roll and is great for encouraging baby to make efforts to follow it.

Next the interlocking discs which are fantastic for aiding wrist development.  Again well made and such an interesting shape for little hands to explore.  They also roll in a captivating way and encourage little ones to move after them.

Finally the octahedron mobile, such a simple idea and yet Baby Bean will watch this for hours.  He loves it when I hang it in the garden for him to watch from his pushchair.  A fabulous tutorial on how to make one can be found here.

I have been delighted with all my baby Montessori purchases and can testify that they are worth every penny.  I am busy researching my next few purchases which I shall share soon.

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