Wet sock slap and Fart Sandwich…..

Ahh yes the joys of co-sleeping.  I knew little bean would more or less co-sleep as that is how things evolved with the trio. It’s just so much easier when you breastfeed.  We even purchased a co-sleeper cot this time round and I had romantic visions of little bean sleeping peacefully in his cot whilst I slept next to him my hand on his. Haha how wrong was I???

Post section I found it easier to sleep propped up with lots of pillows and little bean would love to curl up foetal style on my chest, I miss those cuddles as he is too big now.  Although having recovered from the section it is fabulous to be able to lie on my side and feed.  However little bean, boy of few moves becomes surprisingly active at night when he is laid down in his cot.  I thought he was just fidgeting and then I realised he was actually moving purposefully wriggle by wriggle towards me.  He doesn’t stop until he has ‘crossed the threshold’ from his cot to our bed….

I don’t even bother putting him on ‘his side’ when hubby is on nights now as I know he will just wiggle his way back.

Being a head scratcher when he is tired we have to resort to a pair of socks on his hands now overnight as he has mastered escaping from scratch mitts.   The socks work great but he does enjoy a good suck on them and then when he decides he wants Mummy’s attention he gives me a good swipe across the face with said soggy socks!  I have had better wake up calls but that gorgeous little smile that awaits is worth every slap!

When hubby  is home with three in the bed I become sandwiched in farts!!! When one starts it seems to become contagious like yawning and sets the other one off.  Those little legs lift up his gro bag and away we go….

With all that said though there is absolutely nothing better in the world than having my precious boy snuggled up in the crook of my arm sleeping peacefully….

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