Adjusting The Sails…

adjust sail

Happy New Year!  My little bean is three months old today, goodness the time has flown by.  There has been much baby gazing, many cuddles, some long nights, and a lot of adapting and adjusting!  I returned home from hospital thirteen weeks ago rather bruised and battered but the bearer of a beautiful baby boy and our family of five became six.  My trio and their grandparents had decorated the house with vases of fresh flowers, decorated pictures of baby boy and a coaster upon which was inscribed

‘We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails.’

This has certainly been my personal theme, learning that I cannot control everything and sometimes you just have to let go and drift with the current.  On my journey I have discovered that the best laid birth plans can go out of the window, that when you really feel dreadful you actually don’t mind being in hospital, that even someone who manages health holistically can view the drug trolley as a child views the ice cream van, that its ok to ask for help and to accept help, that ‘big’ knickers are essential post section, that baby wearing is tricky post section, that every baby is different, that One Tree Hill is easy watching at 3am!

The last three months have been a time of adjusting for all of us, as we learn to alter our schedules to account for our plus one who has ideas of his own.  It does feel that we are gradually finding a new rhythm, getting out and about a little more, managing some time with the horses, catching up with friends and I even have a massage booked for Friday – a new years resolution to have some ‘me’ time once a month!

Finally I wanted to share a lovely site I discovered and in particular two articles which really resonated with me as a breastfeeding mama with a newborn.  This is an article on breastfeeding great for when you are questioning whether you should be feeding bubba every two hours day and night.  This article is a great reminder to be kind to yourself post birth.

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