5 become 6…


We are delighted to announce the arrival of baby bean.  A healthy baby boy arrived safely via emergency Caesarian section on Monday 13th October.  Yep loving the irony of the lucky/unlucky for some number 13 and incidentally the day of the midwife strike…..

My carefully prepared birth plan comprising of a beautifully candle lit, drug free home birth with natural third stage and immediate skin to skin with delayed cord clamping didn’t work out at all unfortunately and I won’t lie it has been a tough pill to swallow!  However I am focusing hard on my beautiful, healthy baby boy secure in the knowledge that I can and will recover fully both physically and emotionally.

My trio are besotted with their new brother and for now I am embracing the beautiful baby cuddles and allowing my self to be looked after by my fantastic hubby, kiddies and family.

2 thoughts on “5 become 6…

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