The Baby Preparations!

Ahh the baby preparations. I remember it so well during the pregnancy of my first baby. Armed with the Mothercare list several pages long of ‘essentials’ and the spare room to clear, decorate and furnish. Frankly nine months didn’t quite seem long enough. Don’t get me wrong I loved baby shopping for my eagerly anticipated first baby and I wasn’t going to settle for anything second hand.  I honestly had everything, nappy bin, top and tail bowl, steriliser, you name it I had it.  I could have started my own branch of Mothercare.  I can see that I needed to do it too it was part of my journey to where I am now.

But how things have changed!

As we prepare for bubba number 4 I decided to compile my own list of essentials and we don’t have a spare room (yet – she writes in hope!) so at least we can cross that straight off the list! My list consists of erm…. Pushchair/carseat, cot, mattresses, gro-bags, sling, reusuable nappies and a pack of neutral sleepsuits.  Really I do think that is it, I may add some bits along the way but they are my essentials.

For the pushchair I wanted it to be forward and parent facing, include the car seat and carrycot and have a decent sized basket underneath.  I opted for the Mamas and Papas Glide, secondhand from Ebay.  I am delighted with it for the price!

My requirements for the cot were for it to be a co-sleeper.  I ended up with my others more or less co-sleeping as its just so much easier for breastfeeding but I would feel happier knowing they were in their own space.  I was lusting after the babybay but in the end purchased the Mothercare co-sleeper second hand from Ebay, another fab purchase.

As for the mattresses for the carrycot and cot I will be buying these new and will probably go for the more expensive organic option.

Gro-bags are fab for keeping baby covered so I will use these again.

The sling is coming back to me from my sister-in-law who I gave it to.  I used a Kari-Me sling and absolutely loved it for little Mermaid.  They take some practice in tying up but I found them so comfortable and easy to use.  I did try the regular type baby carrier from Mothercare with Fairy but didn’t get on with it at all, I found it fiddly and uncomfortable.  The only downside is hubby refuses to go near a ‘hippy’ type sling but would wear one of the conventional baby carriers. 

I used a combination of disposable and re-usables for my trio.  I used Tots Bots but didn’t love them to be honest.  The best ones I had were from Boots which were waterproof and lined, really easy to use and cheap too I think.  By some stroke of luck I managed to discover recently that my County Council run a scheme where you can trial different re-usables for three weeks, choose your favourites and then get cashback for purchasing a pack.  So always worth checking!

Finally the sleepsuits and vests, babies don’t seem to get much wear from them so second hand is a good option.  I have ordered a bundle of seven neutral vests and sleepsuits which should start us off.

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