Money saving mama…

When I gave up my job as a Primary school Teacher to home educate our children I also gave up my salary and as such our income halved.  I won’t say it has been easy but we have managed.  My priority is absolutely my children however I do like to still feel that I am contributing (financially!)in some way so I will share some of the things I do.

Ok  I consider my working(!) week to be Monday to Friday.  So each day I check Onepoll and work through any available surveys.  I aim for 50 pence per day but it is often more.    Once you hit £40 you can cash out via paypal.  The surveys are quick and simple and easy to fit into the day.  You can find Onepoll at or contact me for a referral – I would be excited to receive the 50 pence referral amount – seriously!!

Secondly I hit Swagbucks,  click here for my referral link! or alternatively google Swagbucks.  I always do the daily poll and noso then check for any surveys.  Swagbucks can be swapped for a number of vouchers/paypal cash but I opt for amazon vouchers for Christmas.  Again I don’t spend too long on it but average about £5-£10 per month.

Emma’s Diary is another survey site I use.  I usually get a couple per month and you can cash out at £8.

Then of course there is Quidco,  click here for my Quidco referral link! – my personal favourite but there are others such as Topcashback.  This is a cashback site so do all your usual online shopping but click through from Quidco and earn cashback – simples!  I joined in 2006 and to date have earned £1827. 

I also enter competitions in the evenings when kiddies are tucked up in bed and hubby is at work. It is super exciting to find a parcel at the door and we use any wins as treats/gifts.

I always shop around annually for insurances/utilities/NISA’s etc using Quidco if possible.  I also menu plan weekly and do my grocery shopping online.  Delivery charges are now very competitive and I just find it easier to stay within my budget.

All of these are easily fitted around a busy family life and although much of it is pennies, it generally covers Christmas and birthday gifts for the family which is one thing less to budget for!

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