Pregnancy Insomnia!

I am sitting down to write this post at 2am!  I seem to be entering a phase of pregnancy insomnia.  I remember having it during my first pregnancy and now it’s back.  It’s so frustrating spending all day fighting to stay awake then all night fighting to get to sleep. 


So what is keeping me up all night?  Well it seems to be a combination of the threat of leg cramps, just that strange sensation in my calves, I daren’t move for fear of setting off a spasm.  Secondly bubba bean who sleeps like an angel all day spends nights seemingly trampolining off my bladder up to my bottom rib to perform monkey bar somersaults.  The said trampolining obviously necessitates several trips to the loo.  Then it’s just the simple comfort issue and wanting to switch sides to lie on, instead of a sleeping roll, it has to be a heave to sit up and over.


For the third night in a row I have spent four hours being the outsider to some raucous party occurring in my belly, trying to keep my legs still and visiting the toilet.  Having spent the early evening listening to an Abraham Hicks podcast I decided to follow my path of least resistance which led me downstairs to the chocolate chip cookies, but it’s all fine since Dr Google assured me that getting up and having a snack was a good idea – although Dr Googles suggestions  were more along the fruit/breadstick lines.  I went onto nearly choke on my biccy as Dr Google suggested getting up to pay bills for 15 minutes at two in the morning!!  Seriously??  I opted for half hour of the Kardashians and okay-okay three more chocolate chip cookies.


It has helped though getting up and doing something for a short amount of time.  I think just maybe the party may be winding down and I may be able to get some s l e e p…..

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