Rejecting the pre-packaged life!

As a young child I was quiet, well behaved and accepted the pre-packaged life with minimum fuss.  I remained guided by family and teachers and was kept busy with School and my main hobby horse-riding.  I accepted instruction without question. 


I am not sure when/where I became quite a rebel??  I think it began once I entered the world of work having spent three fabulous years at college messing about with horses and friends essentially!  Having been kept so busy I really didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly and took an office job.  I lasted about 10 months but was so bored, I resigned to take a job as a trainee accountant and lasted one and half days before walking out realising I wasn’t following my heart.  Although at the time I was unsure what my heart desired? 


My mum suggested teaching as a viable option and I quite liked the sound of it and took a job as a learning support assistant whilst I waited for my teacher training to begin. 


I definitely enjoyed working with children and took a job in a Primary School.  There were many aspects of teaching I loved mainly the real essence of inspiring and playing with the children but there were many aspects that didn’t fit well, mainly tick boxes, paperwork and medicated children who really needed to be active and learning outside the four walls of the classroom.


I soon became pregnant with my first child and reduced my hours and moved to a small private school to teach.  Here I had small classes – just four children at one point and it gave me useful comparisons to teaching a class of 33 which I did as an NQT.  My eldest daughter was the catalyst for some of the biggest changes in my life as she didn’t thrive in the school environment and we watched her slowly become more unhappy and withdrawn. 


We decided to pull her out for a short period whilst we arranged a relocation and life then took a different pathway.  We moved to the country, downsized and increased our family to three children and remained as home educators. 


I still sometimes catch myself trying to fit myself and my family into a pre-packaged box then remember that actually I am better off just being me and following my heart, one day at a time.  What am I? – A Mum, wife, teacher, parent educator, personal developer, horselover, de-clutterer, organiser??  I realise I don’t fit in a ‘box’ I am a bit of everything….

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