Bargain Hunting!

We never said ‘never again,’however we did re-home all our baby equipment after the birth of  Mermaid nearly seven years ago.  I am a pretty keen declutterer, I would love to give a fabulous reason for this but in reality less stuff = less mess to clean around.  Do you know how quick and easy it it to tidy and clean a nearly empty room – seriously it becomes addictive!  Fast forward seven years and we have a new bubba brewing and absolutely not a scrap of baby equipment.  I am going minimalist this time round and will post up my list in another entry.  However pictured are my only brand new buys.  Loving a bargain I wanted to share so via quidco for a 4% cashback ( at the moment) click through to Toys R Us.  Here I purchased a:


Babies R Us infant starter kit reduced from £9.99 to £2.96 – I plan to breast feed again but remembered needing a couple of bottles to offer water.


Babies R Us bath sponge cushion reduced from £7.99 to £4.99 – I am not bothering with the baby bath etc.


Grobag Sleeping bag reduced from £29.99 to £19.99 – I used these with my trio and found it easier than the constant re-tucking of blankets.


Finally I threw in a pack of bibs so I could qualify for the free delivery!  Plus you can never have enough bibs right?


 I wrapped it all up with a quick check on and discovered a code for £5 off so managed to get the lot delivered for £25.90!  Woohoo love a bargain!




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