Let us begin…


I imagine my first entry should give my readers some kind of idea where this blog will go, you know some kind of labelled box so you can either accept or reject it. 

Funnily enough this has been one of life’s lessons for me recently and I am beginning to realise that I don’t really fit into one box, I am a little mixed up you see!!

But to give you some idea of where this could go……

I love my family,I adore home educating my children, I am smitten with my gorgeous hubby, I love my horses and the wise teachings of Pat & Linda Parelli, I am inspired by Rhonda Byrne of ‘The Secret,’ Abraham Hicks and love all things Law of Attraction.  I am a big fan of Patty Wipfler of Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection and in fact trained and certified recently as an instructor of Hand in Hand.  I love to observe and interact with children at play and as a qualified Primary School Teacher I am interested in Education and in particular learning through play, I enjoy reading John Holts work.  I am a big fan of de-cluttering and a keen bargain hunting, money saving Mama, ooh lets add Martin Lewis to the list of people, he would definitely be my go-to ‘Money Saving Expert!’

So whilst some may sum me up as a home schooling hippy, others will know that I am partial to a bar of chocolate, glass of rose and a good dose of the Kardashians on TV.

Or maybe you may pick up on my slight aversion to plastic toys/stuff and imagine I am some heroic eco-warrior, I would love to say I was, but then you may just discover that I love a package holiday abroad – bring on the sangria!

So you see it could be quite a random journey this blog and as we prepare to welcome a new bubba to our brood, there will no doubt be delirious diversions towards sleepless nights and bubba vomit!

One of my brood ‘Really’ wants a game of Uno so until next time……

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